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(RP0 1175)
1. Title: Design and Fabrication of Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifiers.
Duration: Three years(Completed)
Sponsoring Agency: DTSR, GOI

(RP0 1217)
2. Title: Design and Simulation of High Electron Mobility Transistors.
Duration: 24 Months(Completed)
Sponsoring Agency:  SSPL, GOI

(RP0 1463)
3. Title: Simulation of energetic electron beam interaction with resist on semiconductor substrates using Monte Carlo process and its application to e-beam lithography
Duration: 24 Months(On Going)
Sponsoring Agency:  SSPL, GOI

(RP0 1562)
4. Title:  Simulation and Design of SiC Bipolar Transistors for VLSI and Power Applications
Duration: 36 Months(On Going)
Sponsoring Agency:  DST, GOI