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In Progress:

1. Ali Asghar Orouji, "Modeling and simulation of SiC devices". PhD Scholar

2. Sukhendu Deb Roy, "Modeling and simulation of SiC bipolar devices". PhD Scholar


1. Yashvir Singh, "Design and Simulation of Novel Lateral Schottky Structures on SOI and SiC", PhD Thesis, September 2002.

2. G.V. Reddy, "Modeling and Simulation of Nanoscale SOI MOS Transistors with Reduced Short-channel Effects", MS Thesis, May 2004.

3. Vinod Parihar, "Proposal and Design of SALTran - A New Surface Accumulation Layer Transistor for Enhanced Current Gain", MS Thesis, April 2004. (Patent application filed).

4. Anurag Chaudhury, " Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Short-channel Effects in a Fully Depleted Dual-Material-Gate(DMG) SOI MOSFET ", MS Thesis, August 2003.

5. C.Linga Reddy, "Design of High-performance Schottky Structures using Technology CAD", MS Thesis, May 2003.

6. D.Venkateshrao, "High Performance Lateral Schottky Collector Bipolar Transistors on SOI for VLSI applications", MS Thesis, 2003.

7. Vikram Verma, "Study of novel SOI MOSFETs for improved reliability in VLSI applications", MS Thesis, 1999.

8. Vijay S. Patri, "Design of base dopant and composition grading for minimization of base transit time in Si/SiGe bipolar transistors", MS Thesis, 1998.