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Why should you Learn Karate ?

If you are desirous of  being physically fit and healthy and if you wish to be guided towards becoming a person of exemplary character, disciplined, respectful,  mentally alert and keep harmony and peace in your daily living,  then you must learn Karate.

My recent interest is  in Karate. Myself and my son Saketh have been learning this art since July 99.

Karate classes are being conducted three days in a week in the campus by a black belt trained Karate Instructor. Presently there are about 20 students in the class. We learn Shito-Ryu style of Karate.

Classes start at 5.30 PM and end by about 7.00 PM. A typical session consists of warm-up exercises,  practice of different kinds of punches, kicks and blocks, Kataas and  sparring.

The progress you make in the art of Karate is measured by awarding belts of different colors.  A new student starts with a white belt and progresses to yellow belt, green belt etc., Ultimately, what matters is your mastery of techniques rather than the color of belts.  Tests are usually conducted every 6 months once.

If you are interested in keeping fit, you will enjoy the practice of Karate which is more like an applied Yoga.

For more information on joining the classes,  you can contact me at

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