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Department of Electrical Engineering
EEL 401S Colloquium
Course Coordinator: M. Jagadesh Kumar I Semester(July-Dec 2003)

Objective: To learn how to compile and assimilate information on a given topic and present it logically and concisely both in verbal and written forms.

What to present in the seminar: You need to give the following two seminars:

Seminar 1: On summer practical training

Seminar 2: On topics of current interest in EE

In Seminar 1, you will present the talk based on your practical training.

In Seminar 2, you can choose a topic of current interest in any area of Electrical engineering. You must submit a hard copy of the title and abstract(100-150 words) to the course coordinator by August 11 for approval.

While you can use the general material available on the internet for your own understanding of the topic, seminar 2 should be based strictly on papers published in International Journals.

Time duration: For each of the above your will be given 12 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q & A. Adherence to the time deadlines is an absolute necessity considering the size of the class.

Report submission: For both the seminars, you must submit an electronic copy (Word/PDF) and a hard copy of the report. The length of the report can be up to 10 pages on an A4 size paper. The cover page should contain: (i) Title (ii) Students name/ entry number/group number and a 500 word abstract. From the second page onwards, it should contain: (i) Introduction (ii) Several subsections of your topic including figures/tables (iii) Conclusions (iv) References.

Your report must be submitted to the instructor on the day of your seminar.

Venue & Timings: Block II - LT1. Entry is only from the first floor entrance. Timings are from 1.30 to 3.30 PM on Thu and 12 Noon to 1.00 PM on Friday.

Attendance: All the students should attend all the seminars. If your attendance is below 75 %, you will be awarded an F grade. You must be in the lecture hall 5 minutes before the starting time. Seminar will start sharp at 1.30 PM(On Thurs) and 12.00 Noon(on Fri). If you come late to the class twice, that will be marked as an absent.

Schedule of presentations: The presentations will be made according to the entry numbers. The Schedule is displayed on my door and also on my website. If you miss your presentation schedule for any reason (other than ill-health for which you have to produce a medical certificate from IIT hospital), you will be given zero marks. If you can not give your presentation on the scheduled date for some personal reasons, you must take a written permission at least seven days prior to your presentation date. Please note that there will be no compromise on this under any circumstances.

Evaluation: For each seminar, you will be evaluated based on the following four points and they carry equal marks. What is expected of you for each point is briefly explained below.

E1.Clarity of Presentation: How logically and clearly you present your thoughts, how you speak(slow, fast etc.,), whether you stick to your time deadlines.

E2. Information presented: How much research you have done to collect the information, what kind of references you have used, whether you properly acknowledged the sources.

E3. Slide preparation: OHP transparencies should be well designed, simple and readable by everyone.

E4. Questions and Answers: Your answers to the questions should indicate the depth of your understanding of the presented topic, how you handle difficult questions
Your report for each seminar also carries marks and the weitage is 40 % of the marks. For example, if seminar 1 has 50 marks, 30 marks will be for the presentation and 20 marks for the report.

Please note: The first speaker should make sure that s/he comes before time and checks the OHP and the transparencies to be able to start the talk sharp on time.